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06-27-2016, 11:31 AM
Just found this site a week ago, and enjoy it immensely! I am the original owner of a 84 Hurst/Olds that has 9000 miles on it. I bought it new right out of the show room, back in 84, and garaged it as I headed out of town on a constructi0n job. That has been pretty much my life since then. Along with kids, college, marriages, and grand kids, I just never had much time to do anything other than fire it up, polish it, take it for a short ride, and park it. Now that I've retired, I believe I will start showing it and having a little fun with it. I may need a little info going forward, as I'm thinking about increasing the ponies just a tad, nothing crazy, but just enough to give it a little more bark. The nice thing is that having had it garaged all these years, from frame up, there is absolutely no rust to deal with. I'll change all the fluids, have the brakes looked at, and more likely than not, change the tires, although the weight was always off them, and there is no sign of weather checking. Can anyone think of anything else that's needs to be done with the ole girl? I'll continue to stay tuned-

07-05-2016, 02:45 PM
Honestly, there is really nothing you can do. Removing the emissions stuff will not increase performance either as many think. Actually screws with the A/F ratio and it will run poorly.
I would leave it alone, if you want fast unfortunately you will need to find another with a 455 swap because touching anything on a 9k mile bine stock time capsule will hurt the value and lets face it, not many survivors out there.