View Full Version : Alternator Charge light blinking

Blues Pwr
10-19-2016, 07:30 PM
About 3 mo. ago the 6 yr. old battery in my 1986 442 died, and my alternator had a bearing starting to go bad/make noise.
I took both to Advance Auto Parts and had them tested.

Battery was bad (which I expected after 6 yrs. use), alternator passed except for the light/diode test.
Got a new battery and replaced the brushes and bearings in the alternator, all was fine except the charge light was still on (it has been on for a few years), which didn't bother me, as I knew what was the cause. It was always a solid light that would just fade dimmer and go out as RPM's increased.

About 2 wks. ago the charge light started blinking (pretty fast) and you could see it in the headlights and tag lights at idle, when I increased the RPM's so did the blinking and it starts to fade as before but continuing to blink.
Checked battery cables, clean and tight, the wires and connections on the alternator are all tight .

Any ideas on what to check ?

10-25-2016, 08:06 PM
Alternator is bad, you should have replaced it long ago. They're commonly bad out of the box.