View Full Version : Replacing the Crankcase Breather on Driver side Valve Cover

Blues Pwr
08-09-2017, 05:46 PM
It looks as if the crankcase breather is at least 20 yrs old.
Had to gently pry it out of valve cover rubber grommet that was hard and stiff/dried out.
I did manage to get it out.
When I tried to remove the rubber grommet/elbow that goes in to the upper hole of the crankcase breather, it is also dried out and brittle, I could not get it out to install it into the new breather.
I tried to spray WD-40 and pry it out with a small screw driver and it started to crack so I stopped before I ruined it and put the old breather back in.
The other the rubber grommet/elbow that connects the metal dog leg shaped tube to the air cleaner is very spongy and soft and needs to be replaced too.
I tried Pep Boys, Advance, and Auto Zone and they don't stock them.
I think Dorman Products used to have them but I can't locate what I need as most are sold by I.D. and thickness which I don't have the specs. for.
If anyone has a vendor and part #'s

1. Drivers side valve cover, crankcase breather rubber grommet
2. Rubber grommet/elbow that goes into top of crankcase breather to connect with metal tube
3. Rubber grommet/elbow that goes into the air cleaner unit and connects with the metal tube

Thanks for any and all help

08-30-2017, 07:21 PM
All this stuff is used on older models and can be found from vendors like Year One etc.