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06-11-2009, 03:57 PM
Hello, just introducing myself, my name is Dewey and I live in Maryland (near Baltimore) My baby is a '78 Cutlass with the stock 305 Chevy. I have big dreams (don't we all?) for her, first of all the 305 is getting replaced with a 355. It's going to be a while, I'm saving now for the machine work for my block. I've got a 4-bolt 010 block that I'm going have bored .030 over, decked, line honed, and have the pistons matched to each cylinder. I have a set of 2.02 heads and a blueprint cam with .447 lift plus new Sealed Power hydraulic lifters. I just picked up a set of GM X rods to go with my Sealed Power pistons and GM forged crank. I will be using all Clevite77 bearings and keeping it all lubed will be a Melling M-55HV oil pump. I have an old Edelbrock Streetmaster intake but I'll probably lean towards an Edelbrock Performer or AirGap Performer if I can find a good deal on one. I still need to find a carburetor and fuel pump. It's taken a while to get this far but I just about have everything I need except for money. I'm hoping for around 375-400 HP. I'm pretty much in the process of collecting parts for my build, picked up a '79 Hurst/Olds dual gate shifter and an '87 442 120mph speedometer. I just want it to look stock, a sleeper, this is my first build so I'm WAY excited.

06-12-2009, 10:29 AM
Sounds like a great project!
Can't wait to see some pictures.