2014 All Oldsmobile Car Calendar is IN STOCK READY TO ROCK YOUR WALL!

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This is my site with all your ordering info

Hello Oldsmobile fan! It is that time of year when I let you know that my All Oldsmobile Car Calendar is done,In stock and ready to ship to you! I bit the bullet this year and thanks to GoDaddy I have a website ready to go with all the info you will need to get your own calendar with ALL Oldsmobile cars in it!

Thanks for your support over the years and I will let you know that this is the best of the batch, I went all out to make this year the best yet and I was able to keep the prices very reasonable!

So if your interested please click this link or copy and paste
Go and check out the pictures the info and hopefully get yourself a really cool calendar!
Thanks and if you all ready have one thanks for your support!

If you have ANY problems email me directly at [email protected] and I can send you a invoice for your calendars or give you a price quote for international orders! ..............Jerry
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