Courtesy of Al Mantei

The following facts have been pulled from the internal, 167 page, Oldsmobile "1983 Hurst Olds Owners list as of 6/20/83" that a friend came up with back in 1983. This list consists of the sequential production number (based on VIN), VIN, Production date, Dealer Number (I don't have dealer names), Owners name, address, city, state and zip (as of that date). I have taken the report and keyed it into a database. The following stats were pulled from that report. If you can think of any additional interesting ways to slice and dice that info, let me know...
All 1983 H/O's were manufactured in the Olsmobile Lansing plant and shipped to the Cars & Concepts facility in Brighton, Michigan for final conversion. All VINs were of the format 1G3AK479XDM000000. The last 6 digits were unique to each vehicle and the "X" shown is a check-digit (0-9 or X). The '9' shown as the eight digit is the significant digit as it denotes the 180 h.p. Olds V8 engine, available only in the H/O.
3,001 production cars were built.
The first car was produced on 9/9/1982 and the last 29 were built on 3/17/1983.
The cars were produced on 85 different days and maxed out at 68 cars built on 3/14/1983. I presume that the production date is when it left as there are a few variations in date sequence vs. VIN sequence.
201 cars were built for sale in Canada. Did you know that these cars have metric primary speedometers? They also had temp listed in degrees Celcius and oil pressure in kilopascals.
6 cars were built for Export.
25 cars were built for Olds Division (including car numbers 2, 3, 4, and 6).
By (Owner) State info:
Excluding 269 cars that were not sold yet, 70 that were marked as "Dealer Owned Demo" (there is no state listed for those), 32 marked as "Used Company Car", and 1 marked as "Dealer Owned Drivers Ed" (how would you have liked to learn how to drive in one of these!), the most cars went to owners in Michigan (244, and this doesn't including any Olds Division cars) and Texas (228), while only 2 went to Washington D.C. and 3 to Utah (4 went to Hawaii and 9 to Alaska!).
Dealer info:
On this report, there is a single dealer number listed for all cars going to Canada. Excluding that id, the most cars were sold through dealer numbers 7876 (31) and 7018 (24), both in Michigan. I have a feeling that these may be have been GM employee sales of some sort (most of these were also early cars). Next up was dealer 22259 in Texas with 15 cars. There were a total of 1671 different dealer numbers and 837 of them got only one car.
Interesting owner info:
Would you believe that car #1722 went to an owner who lived on Hurstview Drive in Hurst, Texas!
If you have an '83 H/O and don't know what the sequence number is, drop me a line ([email protected]) with your VIN and I'll look it up for you and pass along any other relevant facts I can come up with. I'm going to add any notes, like current owner, to the database as any info comes in...