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Thread: Replacing the Crankcase Breather on Driver side Valve Cover

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    Default Replacing the Crankcase Breather on Driver side Valve Cover

    It looks as if the crankcase breather is at least 20 yrs old.
    Had to gently pry it out of valve cover rubber grommet that was hard and stiff/dried out.
    I did manage to get it out.
    When I tried to remove the rubber grommet/elbow that goes in to the upper hole of the crankcase breather, it is also dried out and brittle, I could not get it out to install it into the new breather.
    I tried to spray WD-40 and pry it out with a small screw driver and it started to crack so I stopped before I ruined it and put the old breather back in.
    The other the rubber grommet/elbow that connects the metal dog leg shaped tube to the air cleaner is very spongy and soft and needs to be replaced too.
    I tried Pep Boys, Advance, and Auto Zone and they don't stock them.
    I think Dorman Products used to have them but I can't locate what I need as most are sold by I.D. and thickness which I don't have the specs. for.
    If anyone has a vendor and part #'s

    1. Drivers side valve cover, crankcase breather rubber grommet
    2. Rubber grommet/elbow that goes into top of crankcase breather to connect with metal tube
    3. Rubber grommet/elbow that goes into the air cleaner unit and connects with the metal tube

    Thanks for any and all help

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    All this stuff is used on older models and can be found from vendors like Year One etc.
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