when the car was new it had a 307 and it died so the p.o put a 350 with 3000 miles on it in the car. then took the heads off to fix the valve guides then drove it for a month or two when they found the other problem. they routed the wires in the engine compartment wrong under the throttle cable and it slowly cut the wires in half causing all sorts of electrical problems and melted wires and vacuum lines and fried the carb and melted the dist cap. they then got married and decided to ditch the car for a new one and asked if I wanted the old one I said yes and mickey moused it to get it to my house and I have been tinkering ever since. I have the right shop manual for it now but parts for 1980 are hard to find minor things like defrosting duct work that screws up under the windshield, a windshield I broke taking the dash out what years will interchange. I figured out how to move the electric seats back and down that was fun. now I just need the plastic couplers.the rest is all small stuff like fusible links off the starter I found one of these cars at the wrecking yard but a lot of the parts were broken on purpose.