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Thread: Stripes and Decals for 85 - 87 442s

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    Default Stripes and Decals for 85 - 87 442s

    Hey guy's looking for some help. I currently own a 1987 black 442 with 39k original miles. It's a all original garage queen, the way I like em. The car has never been repainted and original paint and decals are still fresh with no sun fade or cracking. The front and rear bumper stripes on this car had a few bumps and scrapes through out the years and was the only eye sore on the car. I removed them and replaced them with the Pheonix Graphix decals. They looked and matched great in the garage but the minute I pulled the car out in the sun light there replacement decals become bright gold? almost a yellowish tint?? It made me sick looking at it. My question is besides finding a set of OEM bumper stripes does anybody have any other idea's what I can do to make a match in color? Any other decal companies that match better? I'm all ears guys?

    I attached a photo, you can clearly see the mismatch in color.
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