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Thread: Largest 15" Tire Size

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    Default The saga continues!!!!!

    Well I received the BFG's yesterday from Tire Rack and took the rims to NTB to have them installed. The guys at NTB were questioning the valve stems so I called Specialty Wheels and found out theres an extra rubber piece they use just for shipping purposes. They mentioned to me to make sure the installer balanced the wheels using the lugs and not the center hub. Well everyone at NTB never heard of such a thing so I called my mechanic and he looked it up and found out that Specialty Wheels was correct. So now I had to find a place that was able to balance them and after 10 calls I found the Just Tires location by me was able to do it. I took everything over to Just Tires and the owner said he wouldn't be able to get to them until tomorrow, so we unloaded them and went in his office to fill out the paperwork and while we were starting that he decided he could do them at that time. So they put them on, balanced them, and even cleaned the blue off of the white lettering. At the end he asked how I was going to pay and I said my debit card. He asked if I had any cash on me instead and I showed him I had $41.00 and that was all. So he said that would do and that now he wouldn't have to stop and get cash on the way home.
    So I guess after all the running around and bull$&!$ paying $41.00 to have 4 tires mounted and balanced worked out in the end.

    I guess it was my day after all...


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    Going to buy tires for the 87 soon, and I may not be able to get the 215 65R 15 tires (have a shop near here that sells good used tires, and may have to go with a different size...have to watch the budget). How much would the speedometer be off if I went with, say, a 225 or 235 60R 15 on the 15X7 rims? Don't want any rubbing, and I don't want to be running 65 when I think I'm running 55.
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    Default cooper cobra

    Quote Originally Posted by LJAM View Post
    Well I found out the BFG's arn't discontinued but are just on a long backorder. I spoke to a person at Tire Rack and they are getting a shipment in next week that was on a 6 month backorder. It sucks having to pay the extra shipping but this looks like the only way to get them. I also found out that the Firestone FireHawk Indy 500's are on back order and the dealers can't say when they'll be getting them in from Mexico.

    Personally I like the looks of the Goodrich tire, and on a new set of SSIII's they should look really nice!!!!!

    I run cooper cobras on my 86, 235 60 14s and 295 50 15s out back... raised white letter and good price!

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    Default Tire size Questions

    I was hoping for a simple solution to tire size, oh well. I have an 87 Cutlass Supreme that I'm turning into somewhat of a street rod. I have Weld front 15x5 and 15x8 for rear. Just by surfing the net looking at different mods that have been made, I have found the look that I desire but do not know the actual sizes. The stance of g bodies with 5's and 8's that I like have very large rear hides. I do not know if mods have been made to suspensions to accommodate. I noticed multiple sizes in the post and still cant decide. Any feedback would be appreciated, thanks.

    PS, I have a pic of car with desired look but haven't figured out how to post. This is my first post.

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    All depends on your back spacing.
    I am running 275's with a factory 15x7 4" BS SSIII and they only rub if I take a corner hard.
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    I run 215 70 15 up front and 255 60 15 MT drag radials on the rear. Mounted on the original 15 x 7 rims. My car puts over 500 hp to the ground on the chassis dyno. My best 60' time on the foot brake is 1.52 and 1.58-1.60 is typical. A 255 60 15 is the perfect compromise tire on a G body. This is with the long standing 255 60 15 drag radial. Recently Mickey Thompson released the new ET-R line and their 255 60 15 replacement is now 27.5" tall instead of 27.1" tall. That will be even better for us G body guys.
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