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Thread: 1979 Cutlass Supreme Base Model Parts Questions

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    Default 1979 Cutlass Supreme Base Model Parts Questions

    What is the recommended and best door/window weatherstrip to get for a 79 Olds Cutlass Supreme base model? I have found a few that have roof rail weatherstrip included but I am not sure if I need that or what a roof rail is. Can anyone help with pointing me in the right direction? I would also like to get input regarding best places for parts. I have been using ebay, Amazon, RockAuto, and Goodmark Industries trying to find parts but I know there has to be others that make it easier to get parts. I need A-Pillar trim, door panels, and basically anything that has decayed and is falling apart. I am not sure of what parts are interchangeable between A and G bodies. Any help is appreciated as I help my 19 year old son restore this car for him. It is great when the younger generation appreciates these great beasts.
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