I just got my first Olds Cutlass in nearly 20 years, a few weeks ago. I bought a super clean 74k mile, 1986 4 door Cutlass with 307Y, 200 metric trans, and a 2.14 rear axle. I’ve been gathering parts here and there for a while; I have a 403 that needs gone through, a set of 7A heads which would be for the 403, a 1968 455 with ported C casting heads(it also needs gone through), a complete and running ?69 2 Barrel 350, 200-4R trans, and 3.73 rear axle (just a 7.5?). I have several intakes, carbs, and other random junk from being a lifelong parts pack rat! Lol

I bought the Cutlass with a hurt 307, I?m still convinced its just a cracked flexplate, but either way its coming out. Ive never been a 307 fan, the 403 would be cool as would the 455, but the Go-Fever in me just wants to swap in the 350.

We?ll see... I’m new here obviously but not new to forums, I’ll probably search and lurk for a while learning and getting ideas... a lot has changed in 20 years!