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    Here is a great article put together by Judy Badgley of the Hurst Olds Club of America giving vital information about the history and production of the 20th Anniversary and Hurst Aero cars.

    Small summary:

    1988 was the year Hurst Performance decided to proceed without the Oldsmobile factory. Mr. Gasket was the current owner of the Hurst Performance Corporation. Doc Watson of Hurst Performance was diligent in trying to convince Oldsmobile to make the 1988 Cutlass Supreme Classic a “last hurrah” car. Oldsmobile was more interested in showing the world the “all new front wheel drive Cutlass”. After months of negotiations, Doc realized they weren’t going to change their minds. Doc and the President of Mr. Gasket decided to proceed and offer the public a 20th anniversary Aero kit that could be installed on the Cutlass cars Oldsmobile had already built.

    Doc is an enthusiastic person and very serious about people being able to have some fun with their cars. He has devoted his life to the people in the car
    hobby. Doc and Hurst Performance have made countless contributions to improve safety and still have fun with a car.

    Oldsmobile built the 1988 Cutlass Supreme Classic from August 1987 through the end of the calendar year. Basically they were built until the parts for that model ran out. The Aero kits that Hurst performance offered were advertised through the dealer network and various publications. If you wanted a 20
    th Anniversary 1988 Hurst/Olds you had to first buy the Cutlass Supreme Classic from Oldsmobile. Second you had to buy the Aero kit from Hurst performance. And third you had to install the kit and register the car by the VIN with Hurst Performance. All those that registered a car with Hurst received a free year membership in the H/OCA from Doc. Doc reported “I knew there would never be another Hurst/Olds and this was a way for Cutlass owners to have some fun with their cars AND be able to join the finest, most fun car club ever to exist, the H/OCA”.

    1988 was the lowest production year for the rear wheel drive Cutlass and the Hurst/Olds. Doc Watson personally did some of the Hurst/Olds conversions. Now to the numbers: 2 were built with DRCE (prostock) engines. Doc still has one, the other was destroyed. There was 1 prototype car, Doc still has that one, too. 16 were converted by Doc and his team. Some of these had 455’s and some kept the original 307. A total of 160 kits were made. Most of these were sold as kits, some were kept by HSVO for parts for when damage occurred to vehicles. Doc estimates just over 100 kits were sold with a membership in the H/OCA included. However, there is no way to establish how many of these were installed on cars and what year car they were installed on.

    The Aero kits could be installed on any of the 1981- 1988 Cutlass cars. Several of the kits were sold to be used on non-1988 cars. These cars are designated as Hurst/Olds Aero cars. Doc’s dedication to having fun with the cars is exemplified with the aero cars. There are no exact records as to how many of these cars there are.

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