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Thread: Factory VIN 9 Exhaust Sound/Performance

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    Default Factory VIN 9 Exhaust Sound/Performance

    I have an 85 olds 442 with a # matching 307 thats been worked over. Car runs noticably great for a 307 but I'm not to happy with the way it sounds. It has the factory cast iron manifolds with crossover, cat delete pipe and split into duals after that into 2 1/4 aftermarket turbos with trumpet style tips. It basically looks the same as the factory duals but offset mufflers. I think this system flows a little better than the factory but I think I heard a couple of stock 442's before and I'm think of getting a Walker kit for it because of the sound. Has anyone switched to or from the factory exhaust? How does it really sound? Loud? Performance Margin?

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