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Thread: Electronic Nightmare on 1983 Cutlass Supreme V6

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    Default Electronic Nightmare on 1983 Cutlass Supreme V6

    Man I just got this car and am in the process of rebuilding the carb and getting a Catalytic converter to pass CA smog and wanted to do some free fixes on my car today. Spent 6 hours cleaning the rat shit out, doing the rear seats, checking if I could throw my 6x9's in the back, and eventually getting the cluster out and checking why my speedometer and gauges dont work and I cant seem to find a bad ground or issue within the cluster to keep the gauges from doing whatever they want. Temp gauge doesnt move, fuel is either half or a quarter or in the yellow just to move back to the quarter spot. Volts seem to work but there are shorts or something wrong with my electrical system. Oil pressure I have no idea if it is working because its either at half or right above the red line.

    After I check the fusebox tomorrow morning, where should I start my searches?

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    If you don't have a Chassis Service Manual, you should get one. Look at Factory Auto Manuals...they should have what you need. For that year, you will need the electrical supplement manual. They were split into two manuals until 87. Since you are going into the cluster, you would be way ahead to get one. There is a lot of good information on this site, also.
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