Went to the drag strip, caught a video of the Heavy Hauler:

Here's one of my slow '88
14.727 @ 90.23mph 1/4
9.301 @ 73.04mph 1/8
.116 RT
1.982 60'
Stock '68 455 on stock VIN9 exhaust with a Y-pipe and Cat, gained a measly .2 sec in the 1/4 switching to and 8.5" w/3.42 gears from a 7.5" w/3.08 gears but I know my '60 and 1/8 times increased, need to dig up the old slips.
Car could really use some headers and better exhaust to wake it up a bit, it's quick off the line but chokes at the top end.
Probably could go into the 13's with exhaust upgrade alone.