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Floor Pan Repair?

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  • Floor Pan Repair?

    I have about 7 small holes in my floor pan where the driver & passengers feet rest... the largest hole is about 2/3s the size of a dime & the smallest is no more than a pin hole.... I went over the entire floor with a bristle attachment on my grinder so I am sure I found them all & the problem isn't worse than I am aware of... My 442 is very solid overall compared to every other 80s vehicle I've worked on...

    I've found mixed answers online about repairing these & I would like to before I install my new carpet... I don't want to use fiberglass patches, I want something that I will not have to ever fix again... The holes are so small that it seems silly to me to cut out larger squares of metal & patch them in with a welder, maybe that is the best though?
    Also the holes aren't very close to each other, they are very sporatic & based on the condition of the 2 layers of carpet in the car when I bought it, Im guessing they rusted from the inside out...

    I recently bought a 120 volt welder but I have almost no experience welding yet & I don't want my first project to be my thin floor pans.... Should I just weld in some metal into the hole or make an over sized patch over the top....

    Any sugguestions/recomendations are welcome....Thanks

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    POR15, Epoxy or Metal to metal filler:

    If you have a TIG a silicone bronze welding rod and low heat is your best bet.
    However TIG's and rust don't mix, if you have tiny holes chances are the surrounding metal is gonna be thin and will just blow them out, a MIG works better if you have a 110v welder turned all the way down.
    Use 0.30-0.35 MIG wire to fill the holes.
    Start out on the material next to the hole to get your arc going.
    Holding the filler over the hole move the torch over to the hole and as the filler melts feed it in.
    Have your hammer and dolly handy to keep warpage down while the weld is still hot, sand it down and finish it off.

    However the real solution is to cut out the metal and weld in a patch.
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      Thanks 4 the quick response! That is an interesting product from eastwood...I had researched the 2 part patch kit from por 15 & it runs over $120...

      I should have stated that I also have already coated the entire floor pan & area with POR-15 except I left a 4" square around all the holes...

      I think I may try the Eastwood Metal Filler instead of experimenting with my new welder, mostly because I don't want to torch a small hole into a large hole....& I really want to get my 442 roadworthy this fall So I have the needed motivation to continue working on it through the winter!

      I am really glad I held out & found my Very Solid Cutlass...It is so much easier to replace some worn out parts that it is to fix rusty panels....whew!