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interior plastic dye ?????

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  • interior plastic dye ?????

    Just curious if anyone has ever dyed interior plastics? let me know how it turned out, and what kinda product s you use

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    I have used this on my f-150 it wasn't dye it was SEM brand paint. I painted all of the surrounding plastic for the gauge cluster and top of the dash, as mine were all broken and the junk yard didn't have the correct color. I found it at my local paint supplier. It turned out rather nice it has an adhesion promoter in it. It is a bit pricey at about $13.00 a can but well worth it for the results. I have a cup holder that I can put a 44 oz drink in and it rubs on the front of the dash that I painted, the finish on the cup comes off on the dash but wipes clean and the paint is unharmed on the dash.


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      SEM is good stuff, just make sure you prep the surface properly. I've been using it for years. From the front seats on my Benz to complete interiors I've never had any issues.


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        im having a difficult timefinding some parts for my olds, i bought some NOS parts but there not grey like i need painting


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          I have some mint condition gray stuff if you want to trade for your blue ones, I need blue for my 85 442.
          What do you have?
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            i have basically a whole interior