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1979 cutlass cruiser

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  • 1979 cutlass cruiser

    i have a 79 cutlass cruiser has 3.8 except for paint its original has non working ac new good year tires new plugs and wires nw heater blower motor it does need interior redone back gate is beat up but comes with another one with interior trim panel on it car is rust free no rust in floors or frame easy resto or turn in to race car

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    That would be a good car to put a mild built 403 200r4 trans and 3.42 or 3.73 gears and make it a cruiser. Wagons are pretty cool, you could probably have a mid to low 13 second car that gets decent mileage if you went that route. Just my humble opinion. Good luck with the sale. Dennis


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      come on no interest? these cars arent dropping from the sky like the chevy counter parts


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        It would help to post a price, usually if I see and ad without a price I just move on and most people dont revisit the ad if you happen to wind up posting one later.
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          opps!!!!!!!!!!!! thought i had it in here my bottom dollar is 1500


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            price drop 1100