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W30 intake - excellent condition - pics inside

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  • W30 intake - excellent condition - pics inside

    I'm selling this W30 Intake manifold I bought several years ago. I intended to use it on my 86' 455 Olds project but have since changed direction on my build and feel that this beautiful W30 intake belongs on a real W30 car. This is the real deal....NOT a reproduction. The date code indicates it was cast on 2-11-1970. Winters snowflake is crisp. It is in EXCELLENT condition with zero corrosion, no cracks, no warp and all the threaded holes are unmolested. The pics speak for themselves. This intake was never on a daily driven car. It was part of a so called "experimental" engine build that was assembled by GM engineering back in the day. The person I bought the engine from was friends with a guy that worked for Oldsmobile engineering. He put the 455 engine in his franken-convertible car that maybe has 15K miles on it to this day. I media blasted this intake at low pressure using a non abrasive plastic cleaning media. I am looking for $1100 plus shipping but am open to offers. I am basing my asking price on what similar pieces have sold for on Ebay. I am posting this for sale on multiple Olds forums before commercially advertising it. Please PM me if interested. Thanks for looking!