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What is the limit of the 307 stock?

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  • What is the limit of the 307 stock?

    Just stold an 1980 88 with a old lady owned for 1000. It's tickin from the right bank so Im going to put a new top end cam lifter ect. I going with the melling performance cam bigger lift so I bought the set of comp springs 901"s. It's a big difference from my other car I had . Was a turbo charged dodge 2.2 laying out 318 [email protected] 25 of boost. Now I have alot of the stuff left over and was wondering what kinda shot of N20 or boost can this engine handle? stock internals.

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    A 307 isn't going to last long with Nitrous or any kind of boost. They weren't ment for that kind of power.
    I wouldn't spray a 307 with no more that a 50 shot of NO2 otherwise it would be spraying the internals out the bottom end. The weak point on small blocks is the bottom end, if you are serious about going with a turbo setup most people run 350 Diesel blocks.
    If you are going to be spraying the motor at least go with some light weight forged pistons and a forged steel crank from an early 330 Olds. It should hold up fine if built right.
    Also, ditch that 307, it's a boat anchor and a money pit. Use the money you are dumping into it to find a good 350 or 403 and do your buildup with that. ANY small block Olds motor will drop right in with NO modifications, you will just have to be sure to use an HEI Distributor and a non computer controlled carb. If you want to keep the car on the computer then you may need to find an ECM out of an 88 Cutlass Supreme and have a chip burned with a new timing curve.
    Just my $0.02
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      It is truly sad that by the time the gbody rolled off the line, "high-performance" was an oxymoron so they literally didn't even try to put in an engine core you could do anything with. Windowed mains make for a weak lower end and as others have said if you put anything on the top end to add enough power, like nitrous, the lower end won't hold up. Then there are those thin cylinder walls . . . I tried and tried because I wanted to keep my [at that time] only 24K miles 442 as close to stock as possible but eventually just gave up, pulled it all out in case anyone in the future cares about numbers matching, and built a big block and high performance 200R4 for it. With NO traction I can still hit 60 in 5.2 and the 1/4 in 13.4/103. Still love the stock sleeper look or I would fix the traction problem. I just want better handling now . . . ca-ching. Good luck!