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Oldsmobile 307 Performance Builds

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    Holy crap!
    I knew it could be done, the mods on Oldspower will yell at you if you even bring up a thread on getting more out of your 307...
    We'll make this a friendly site for getting more out of your 307

    Heres the article in further detai:

    Canadians Dale and Glen Robinson build a 434hp Olds 307 without spending a fortune.
    The engine building team of Robinson Analytical took to the dyno stage for the first time in Engine Masters competition yesterday. While their 307 Oldsmobile (316 ci) won’t come close to winning, there’s a lot of merit to their entry, and that’s why it was my favorite entry for Tuesday’s competition. A look at the tech sheet shows some pretty basic bolt-ons. Starting with a stock late-model block, the Robinsons loaded it with an OEM Olds forged crank, Eagle rods, Ross pistons, and a COMP cams cam (.633-/.592-inch lift, 235/239-at-.050). A set of factory cast iron heads was hand ported (casting number 5A 3317), and topped with an Edelbrock Performer intake, and Edelbrock 800-cfm Thunder AVS carb. They mixture was lit by a budget MSD Street Fire ignition.

    Now keep in mind that we’re talking about a 3.855-inch bore and a 3.384-inch stroke breathing through stock iron heads, and you’ll understand why 434.8 hp (5,900 rpm) is so impressive. It’s also a visually stunning engine that I think would look sweet under the hood of a mid-‘80s Cutlass. I like this low-buck Olds so much, I’ve decided to do a complete photo shoot and detailed story on the Robinson’s engine. It’ll come out sometime next year. Congrats to Dale and Glen for a job well done. If our contest was based on the additional factors of cost, uniqueness, and appearance, I have the sinking suspicion they would win.
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      hahhaha you can say that.On they tell you why would you do that when you can just get a 350 or 455...i thought i was the only one who knew that the 307 had more to offer{;

      my dream car is my cutlass with the 307 pushing over 250hp! it looks like i wont have to pay as much as i thought i would!{:
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      Can You Say Vroom?!


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        Hey guys, it's my first time on forum. I've got an 87 Salon that has been sitting for nearly 7 yrs. It's in great shape visually but even B4 I parked it it was running kinda ruff. I took the carb to be rebuilt to our local guru and he kinda prodded me in the direction of putting a carb without computer control. Said I'd have to change the distributor also. Him being more knowledgeable than I, I felt like I was shaking my head and agreeing on something I really didn't grasp. I trust the man's word but I can't determine which distributor to buy. Any help will be greatly appreciated