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Transmission part number identification

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  • Transmission part number identification

    I need to find out what the name of the part that connects to the transmission where the speedometer cable connects (Maybe vehicle speed sensor) and get a part number on it so I can order it and get my speedometer working.

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    If your speedometer isn't working the gear is stripped from the "bullet" shaped speedo gear housing.
    It is discontinued and hard to find, aftermarkets are available here:
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      I dont know which one I need to get. It looked kinda like the blue one. Im not quite sure. I am going to have to talk him into taking it off again...


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        It comes to be that I have a Th350 transmission powered by a V6! That has got to be the best news I have ever heard with this damn car! Now, I gotta find this particular part. It has 38T stamped on it which I assume is 38 teeth.(which I believe is a VSS) for my transmission so my speedometer will work.20140502_151808.jpg


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          More pictures of the green part in question:20140427_155636.jpg20140427_155654.jpg


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            Found my answer at this site:

            Specifically at