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Installing headers, what to do with the 02

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  • Installing headers, what to do with the 02

    I am in the process of putting my 85 442 back together. the drive train I out. I am debating on putting headers on and then shove it all in there. I am keeping it as close to factory as I can. stock engine using flow master 40 mufflers. now here is the question. once I have it all in, what do I do with the O2 sensor? I plan or running straight pipes back and delete the cat. I have been racking my brain on how this is going to effect the smog pump and the computer. I know I should rip it all out but that is doing more than I want to. I appreciate all help and info I can get on this. thanks

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    I just did a rebuild and added headers to my 85 442. I purchased a set of Headman headers from Summit, they come with a reducer that has the O2 sensor bung already in place. You will need to extend the wire for the O2 sensor. If you are going to keep the engine running on the computer you must run the O2 sensor. I removed the smog pump system and put in a Edelbrock performer plus cam and the Hypertech computer chip and everything working just fine. I have yet to have a trouble code set. Hope this helps, good luck.


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      ok, cool. so just pull the smog pump and pull all the smog lines and plug off the lines in the heads? and all is good? sweet, pulling my crap off tomorrow