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  • 455 distributor location

    I just bought a 455 for my 85 salon, but the distributor is in the front of the engine. I have never seen a GM V8 that had it in this location. Now I'm worried about other aspects of the casting not being a match to my engine mounts and belt driven accessories. It came out of a 74 Electra. Am I worried about nothing? Sorry if this is a dumb question.

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    That's a Buick for you. The only thing you'll be able to reuse is the transmission. If your car had a V6, that would have been a Buick engine as well. Not sure how much is interchangeable between the V8 & V6. You might have better luck getting info from a Buick forum.


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      I tore it down today and it looks like everything will mount up on the front ok. I wonder if there will be any clearance issues with the distributor on the front instead of the back.