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    I can't tell from doing research if this engine is the same as the Olds or not. Some things I read say yes, some say no. Are there any significant differences? I'm putting one in my 85 Salon and want to know if I'm headed for trouble.

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    Buick, Olds, and Pontiac 455's are all different engines. Accessory brackets are different. Transmission bellhousing patterns are the same.


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      Does that mean the holes in the heads for the brackets are different? They look the same to me but I haven't looked closely. What about the overall dimensions? The front cover on the Buick is longer because of the front distributor. Will it fit? What about the engine mounts?


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        Everything is different except the bellhousing mount as far as I know.
        The mounts look the same but the location and frame pad is different...
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          Fabbing mounts and brackets I can handle but I sure don't wanna go cutting into my AC box. Block is already at the machine shop...

          Thanks for the info guys.