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  • Engine pulley help

    For whatever reason my harmonic balancer fell off along with the pulley. I have since bought a new harmonic balancer but the Pulley (GM Part # 25522581) is no longer available. I cant find a place through google to purchase one and the junk yard in my area only has a v8 85 regal.

    Is i replaceable with another type of pulley or do I need this absolute one?

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    You can mix and match some Olds pulleys, but not all. There are two-letter codes stamped on Olds pulleys. Crank, water pump, and power steering pump pulleys have different codes in a set for a given application. I don't know what the codes are for 307's since I bought mine with a 403 already installed. California cars that had a smog pump use a different crank pulley.


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      I have a 3.8L 83 Cutlass and I grabbed the pulley off of an 85 3.8L Regal.My pulley and harmonic balancer went flying off so I had to get a new harmonic balancer and I found the pulley in the junk yard. I forgot to grab the center bolt that holds the pulley and balancer onto the engine.