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  • GM Part # 1352537

    I ordered it from GMpartsgiant and then they voided it because they didnt have it in stock and dont have an eta on when they will have another one. Its the key for the harmonic balancer. I also need the bolt or nut that goes there too. I lost the exact size of what I needed...

    Any help locating this part? Does it also come on V8's? If I have to go to the junk yard, what engines can I take it off of?

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    From my research I came up with Dorman Woodruff keys and pioneer shaft keys. Does anybody know if this is what I am missing? Or what I am supposed to get for that part?


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      Apparently the woodruff key comes with the Harmonic balancer...

      I cant find a 3/4 sized bolt by 16 thread by 1 3/8 threaded bolt...


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        And I got the wrong harmonic balancer and its discontinued...

        Harmonic Balancer part number is 25523502. 2 hours strong and still searching google and local junk yards.


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          try those guys deal with the Buick 231's, not many Olds guys here bother with those engines and many just yank them out.
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