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    RADIATOR & HOSES: Many different Radiators will work with this. As far as the Hoses, go to the store and see what fits, it's that simple. No set part number for this. ENGINE MOUNTS: Many different mounts are available to mount an LS Engine into a Gbody. Given it's 2017 and the LS swap is pretty much the norm, you can bank on every major aftermarket company having a kit if some sort. Hooker, Holley, BRP, Dirty Dingo, probably a dozen more and alot of little guys too..below is a link.
    For all those people who find it more convenient to bother you with their question rather than to Google it for themselves.

    TRANSMISSIONS: The older Transmissions (TH350, TH400, 700R4, early 4L60 & 4L60E, 2004R) WILL bolt to an LS Engine, the easiest way is to use the factory GM Flexplate & Spacer from the 1999-up GM Vehicles that have the 4L80E in it. Just oval out 3 of the holes to match the Convertor bolt pattern on the older transmission. 4L80E is a direct bolt up with these parts..before anyone asks. Look in the comments of this post for further info.
    TRANSMISSION CROSSMEMBER: Many companies make these now, search for them. Some are direct bolt in, some are not. Think outside the box here and make it work if need be.
    DRIVESHAFT: Depending on what mounts you use the stock one may work. Stock one is 30+ years old and not rated for the power. Me personally I would have one made, it's not much to get a good one and have a smooth ride. Always measure first.
    HEADERS: Several companies make a set of Headers that will fit a LS swapped Gbody, search for them. LS Fbody Headers will work with little modification to the drivers side collector.
    OIL PAN: The most commonly used Oil Pan is the GM Muscle Car Pan, also known as the H3 Oil Pan, Part number 19212593. People have used the LS1 Fbody Pan, and CTSV Pan for good fitment. The Holley Swap Pan also works.
    THROTTLE CABLE: Stock factory Truck Throttle Cable works from the 1999-2003 Cable V8 Iron Engine trucks, before they went drive by wire. Bend the gas pedal to make sure it moves the throttle body correctly.
    FUEL SYSTEM: Common used is the GM Factory Gbody EFI Tank & Sending Unit, this will be from a Grand National, 1986 Monte Carlo V6 TBI, Buick T Type, or any of the aftermarket companies selling these. Rock Auto sells them, that is where I bought mine. I used a Walbro 255 intank pump. Some people use external pumps on the factory tanks, you need to have a sump and plumb it correctly. Depending on what Fuel Rails you use (regulated/non-regulated) you may need to use the Corvette Fuel Filter/Regulator.
    GAUGES: Stock Gbody Gauges will work with LS Sending Units.
    Fuel gauge and Volt gauge are in the car wiring and works.
    Oil pressure: hook up the Sending Unit from the Engine to the wire for the gauge in the cluster.
    Tach: wire PCM Red/Green Pin 10 in the LS Engine Harness to the Tach in the Cluster, set the pulse correctly in the tune.
    Water Temp: need 1998 LS 3-wire Temp Sensor GM Part # 12551708, wire Pin C to the Temp gauge in the cluster.
    Speedometer: if using an electronic transmission, convert the speedo gauge in the cluster to electronic. Wire the VSS from Red/Green Pin 50 in the LS Engine Harness, can be calibrated correctly in the tune.
    Speedo Conversion thread:

    WIRING INFORMATION can be found here:
    Use that page to find your harness and build what you need.
    Factory GM Truck Intake and Alternator WILL FIT under the factory hood of a Gbody depending on the mounts used...there are dozens of builds on the page that show this. Search for them.
    TRUCK SMALLER POWER STEERING PULLEY: DORMAN 300-201, 300-202 is the metal pulley.
    Some very good LS info here:

    ----------This is what I used to build my 1984 SS ----------
    Engine is a 2006 6.0l from a Chevy 2500 Van. I used LS1 Fbody Accessories, LT1 Radiator and Fans. Currently running the LS6 Intake with LS6 Injectors & Rails. Using GM 243 Heads, Custom Cam. Transmission is a built T56 6spd with LS7 Clutch Kit.
    Harness is from a 1999 LS1 Camaro Z28 that I rewired for the car, I installed a 1998 Camaro Fuse Box and wired it into the car. I'm using a 2002 LS1 Fbody 0411 PCM.
    GM Muscle Car Oil Pan Kit, also known as the H3 Oil Pan Kit. Part number 19212593
    Stock Clamshells bolted to the 1" NON Setback Adapter Plates. These are the plates that directly bolt up. Pads on the cradle are in the stock location.
    Heddman/BRP 45036 1 7/8" Primary, 3" Collector Long Tube Headers, LS Gbody Swap Headers, fit perfect.
    Transmission Crossmember is the Jegs Double Hump for a 700R4, I used it to mount a T56 and a 4L80E in my car.
    Gbody EFI Fuel Tank & EFI Sending Unit from Rock Auto, Walbro 255 Fuel Pump, Corvette Filter/Regulator.
    Build thread:
    T56 6spd install into a Gbody: