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  • Engine buildup ?

    Hey guys, I have a 71 olds 350 engine that I would like to put in my 84 cutlass. It's a daily driver that will retain it's AC and Power brakes. My question is what should I do with it? I would like at least 350hp. I am thinking of rebuilding it will 10.25 keith black pistons. dick miller camshaft and edelbrock aluminum heads with edelbrock intake with a holley carb. I would like to not spend over 5,000 to build. Let me know what you guys think I should build.

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    Save yourself money by finding yourself some #5, 6 or 7 heads and give them larger valves, eBrock heads are over rated and overkill for a small block, especially if you are only looking for 350hp.
    Those heads will give you an increased compression and also will allow you to still bolt up your stock A/C components without interference. I also heard eBrock heads get in the way of the fuel pump on small blocks.
    A good rebuilt Q-jet will also provide less headaches than a Holley which needs fine tuning for the accelerator pump springs and such.
    Also a Q-jet will give you more CFM (750) and better throttle response and idle for the street as well.
    A JM 18-20 is a great cam for what you are looking for:

    Also, watch your compression with the KB pistons, the stock 5,6,7 heads have 64cc chambers and may cause pinging with pump gas if the CR is too high.

    Here are some good engine combos and buildups here:
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      I'm with 88hurstolds on not purchasing the edelbrock heads wast of your money when you figure you'll have to get new rocker arms and pushrods. half of your budget is gone right there in the valve train. I would recomend a 9to1 piston much more friendly at the gas pump.(with the money saved on your heads you can buy forged pistons).
      Spent the money on the Block. Make it the solidest part of your engine. Built right the first time and it'll last forever. A good plus to doing it this way is the ability of putting NOS and knowing the bottom end will hold it.