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  • Could use some advice...

    Hi! I will try and keep it simple; I have 2 vehicles down on me, right now. An old 84 B150 Van with a 225 slant and a 84 Brougham 2 Dr with a 3.8l 6. The van is my 22 year love that I'm getting rebuilt and will keep putting money in her till I die, probably. . Won't ever sell her- for too many reasons to list.
    The Cutlass, well ,this is my second. My first was a Calais. Wish I still had it! I love em! One day ,will have a t-top Hurst.
    ‚Äč‚ÄčRegardless, I love driving the Supreme and have dumped so much in it. At this point I wouldn't get my money back out of if I tried to sell it. So, with it starting on the first turn, a/c is freezing, interior is perfect, fuel pump, heater coil, tires , water pump radiator, 150k original miles,, etc AND she cuts corners like she's on rails. Hell, I enjoy driving her! She has been my every day rider for my kids and I for the past 5 years. But the brakes went out on me and found out the brake line is used and leaking. Found out all of them are rusted. So need to get all of them done and while he is up in there go ahead and replace the rusted fuel line. It's gonna cost me .

    So , I am at this cross road and need some solid advice .

    My choices are: Try and sell it and HOPE I could get at least 3500? ( not sure what the interest in it would be considering the problem to get it on the road vs the amount of pros with it) then take that money put towards the van getting rebuilt and back on the road. Then just drive my van until I find my next love.
    -Or- Put the van on the back burner for a minute and fix the Cutlass . The discrepancy I have with that is , is that 3.8 gonna be a viable engine worthy of getting rebuilt or replaced when the time comes? Cause it will. Even though, it's solid, now, I don't know if those Buick 3.8's have any longevity to them. And there is rust coming in on the bumper and trunk , so, am looking at other financial investments that will be made in the future. .
    Guess what I need to know is are there opinions on whether or not that it is worth putting any more money into?