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1982 Cutlass Supreme power antenna

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  • 1982 Cutlass Supreme power antenna

    Hi guys.
    Just wondering if anyone has a parts book and can give me the correct part number for a delco power antenna for this car. I understand I have to pretty much rip the whole fender assembly off to get at it so I want to make sure I have the correct unit prior to tackling this job. I called two GM dealers and got two different numbers...hopefully some real G body fella has a book that can give me the right number.
    Thanks guys...have a great weekend.

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    Usually, it's the plastic cable in the mechanism that breaks. Replacements are available, and are much cheaper than an entire assembly. I believe the antenna can be removed without taking the entire fender off. Just a few of the bolts at that end. I'm sure there is a write-up or YouTube video somewhere.


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      The correct antenna part number is 22048604.
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