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my one of many races

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  • my one of many races

    where do i begin, well the first one:

    at the time i had a 88 buick t-type and a friend of mine and myself were at kellys roast beef in revere,ma. parked directly out front, about 2 cars back was a 87 turbo t-bird. we were leaving to pick up another friend of ours and the t-bird left behind us. about a mile from kellys are two long roads that everyone used to drag down, the lynnway and lynn marsh road two very long and pretty much straight roads. we took the lynnway a highly built up road with lots of dealers and stores. once we hit the lynnway the t-bird got right next to us and wanted to race, i did'nt even have to try hard and i annihalated him. the 1st section of the road is residential 2 lanes each way, once you cross the bridge it is all commercial). we got to the lights right after the bridge and went againfor about 1.5 miles all he saw was taillamps. i started to slow down because we had to take a left to go to my friends house in peabody.

    i came to a stop at the lights waiting for a green when he finally caught up to me and he blew through the red at about 90mph. by this time the road is 3 lanes wide each way, well at those lights was a Ford dealer and hidden in the dealer was a Metro Cop(they are no longer, changed to state police) and they went right after him. my buddy made me drive by them while pulled over so he could wave to them, he did. guess they did not have a good night.

    i have more to tell someday.

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    LOL now that's awesome.
    He could have killed someone blowing a light like that...
    My Grandma has a Monte SS Supercharged and had a Mustang pull up next to her, she gunned it thinking they wanted to race and it wound up being a cop... she got a ticket. LOL
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      Nice story, do you have any pics of your old 88? I love T Types, awesome cars


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        Well about 2 years ago i was sittin in the parking lot of the produce market we all hang out at on telegraph well at the time i had my 1979 cutlass it was about 3:30 in the am and this mustang pulls up no big deal walks ovee to my car and keep in mind there are about a hundred cars and who knows how many people the guy yells whos pos is this well my wife being the way she is didnt like is lip work so she walked over and said its mine why he said to her yeah right she said put your car where your mouth is so they agreed on the location i drobe the car over there the guy says see i knew it wasnt yours so we went back and forth for awhile agreed to race for a 1000 so keep in mind the windows in the car were limo tinted so we walked to the car my wife got in lined up did a burn out pulled the started pointed she nodded and so did he he drop his arms and she put one hell of an ass whoppin on him they came they pulled he looks at me and said who is in your car she rolled the window down and said how does i t feel to get ur assed whooped by a women in an olds powered cutlass now that was peice less
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