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eBay's New SCAM - first 5 listings, no insertion fees

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  • eBay's New SCAM - first 5 listings, no insertion fees

    Well eBay has managed to scam people again making them think they are getting a deal:

    I did the math (and have sold a few things last month thinking I was getting a deal) only to find that it is a major scam to bleed more money from people since the average person only lists 1-5 things per month.

    I myself list 1 or maybe 2 items every few months, I hate eBay and only use it as a last resort.

    For example under the regular fee system if you were to sell something that is $199 your total fees would be $11.31 (including insertion), well with this new 5 free thing your fees are now $17.50 since they do a straight 8.75% and don't charge an insertion fee instead of straight up 3.5% after $25 and 8.75 for the first $25 ($2.19) on your final value.

    An item that sells for say $100 is now a fee of $8.75 instead of $6.80, may not seem like allot but it gets worse as the end value goes up.

    The worst part of the deal is if you sell something for $240, where your final value fee tops out at $20. Under the old fee system your total fee would only be $12.71 (including insertion fee)

    This fee system really bites you in the ass for things that sell between $80 and $380 where the difference starts to be more than $2.00 and at the max $8.00 (at $240).

    So it's a total scam and I am not sure how many have noticed it but this new system is ONLY good for items UNDER $40 and OVER $475 which is completely out of the average price range for things that sell...

    How to get around it, list 5 bull**** items prior to running an auction for an item for over $40
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    I couldn't have said it any better..