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    I'm still UnDecided....If I made a mistake....I currently own an 85' 442 that I have been planning on fully Restoring & a 84 Regal that I plan on painting soon & driving while I build my 442....a guy here in Omaha just Sold a 87' 442 with 62k....he was asking $6900, the car was beautiful, Blue inside & out, T.Tops, Posi Rear, all stock inside & out besides a dash cover, K&N filter, & aftermarket speakers.......I seriosly contemplated obtaining a personal loan & buying it......I actually never went to look in person because I knew what would happen if I did....The guy did send me about 30 pics of the car.....Obviously that amount of $ would go a long ways on my current 442....I just started thinking that since I want to Restore the car to stock appearance, why not just buy one dead stock & build a 350 Rocket for it?? If I was going full custom I can understand not wanting a Mint condition Rare Classic.....The problems I would have faced would have been Storage & a nagging wife....I coulda handled the wife, but I would have sold my Regal & possibly my 85 442 as well.....LONG STORY SHORT, I passed on the car & it sold on Tuesday.....Hope I don't regret it....... Just had to vent....Thanks 4 Reading my sob story....HaHa

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    Many have gotten away, can't have them all...
    You have to have a set goal and not give up in the middle otherwise money gets wasted and it's not easy trying to get back what you put into a car once you start.
    It's best to just concentrate on the one you have and having multiple cars does not help, believe me. Nothing gets done and you need to have deep pockets to get it all done.
    You can find a nice one but if you're going to be doing the mods you might as well put that money into the one you have. It's allot of work but it's more rewarding in the end to have something you've accomplished.
    Set aside a budget and weigh your options.

    Figure paint and stripes is around $3k or less if you do the body work yourself, your car looks pretty clean.

    Money for the motor - negligable since it's gonna happen with either car but
    I wouldn't rip out a 307 to just put in a 350, to me that's just a waste of time and money and don't bother with a 403. The same money spent on a 350 can go into a 455 for a better return on investment.

    Interior - plenty of good stuff online, you just need to keep you eye open, but you did mention that yours is still in good shape, sells seat material and dye to freshen up anything that sticks out.

    Factory Posi units are junk, if you're looking for more power the posi will need to be replaced anyways, there's some good used aftermarkets out there. The one in my 87 442 whines and hums around 65-70mph, believe me they suck...
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      I'm not a fan of loans for cars that are garage queens. It's fine if you have the cash but a loan will make the car cost way to much . It is cheeper to buy a mint car than to restore one.X2 one car is way cheeper and you don't loose focus.$6900 is on the high side for one of these cars and it might be hard to get your money back if you have to sell it. Good luck with your car.


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        It would have been silly to sell my 442 after the effort I put into getting it here....I only paid $1000, but I spent another $700 in total transportation costs....I traveled to get it because Most g.bodies here in Omaha have some sort of rust issues, Rockers, rear quarters, frame rails, floor boards, etc.......I just bought a set of 86' grilles from my buddy & ordered a new set of door pins for both doors....Is it just me or is the 85' Grille the least attractive from 83-87? I think I am ready to go on this car, it has a mostly rust free shell, I have a new hood for it, still need a deck lid & a dash....I have a complete grey interior out of a 442 that the previous owner bought that is in Great Driver shape besides the console will need sprayed & I need to order carpet ASAP....I also bought a Vin 9 307 out of an 86' 442, well I paid $150 for a Mint Condition Dual Snorkel Air Cleaner & the 307 was an added bonus....There are several unknowns for now, I haven't opened up the 307, the OZ tranny, or the 8.5" yet.....If I can get by with minimal work done on 2 out of the 3 for now I would be happy.... I agree 88HurstOlds, I have a 350 Rocket that I may sell & look for a 455 assuming the 307 is servicable...Go Big Or Go Home!....I need to stick with this project & live to tell about the resurection of An AMERICAN CLASSIC!!


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          Bernhard.....I agree as well, a loan on a car that I may drive less than 75 times a year seems like a bad investment at this point in my life....Maybe I should get a personal loan for $2500 to jump start my current car...LoL...& I knew his asking price was on the high side, I think I got blinded by the idea of So much less work to do....


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            Fader-- one thing about it, it's tough to spend on one big project, let alone multiple projects. Take my 84 for example. I've had it so long now that it's just the principal of the thing. I could have found a beautiful, low mileage car and done some very tasteful mods for what I will have in this jalopy. One thing would have remained. The original paint on these cars sucked from the factory. I would have ended up painting it anyway, or I would have wondered what was lurking underneath what somebody else had already done. Why not fix the rust and know what I got in the end. You should do whatever you feel is right. Save up, and fix what you have and do it the right way. That way, it's truly yours in the end.


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              Points all taken!....I have been listing a bunch of stuff Craigslist & I plan on spending most of the profits on my 442...Grey carpet & a seals will be my first priorities...I think the 86' Vin 9 307 I snagged may go In until I build or buy a higher hp motor...I opened my OZ tranny the other day & the fluid looked decent, minimal sludge, & almost nothing on the magnet.... I have a complete interior besides a better dash & a console lid.....I've been feeling motivated lately....just gotta keep it going!