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Sell a '69 Cutlassfor a '87 442

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  • Sell a '69 Cutlassfor a '87 442

    I know this is a G body forum so I can guess what the answers I get will be, but would you sell a partially restored 1969 Cutlass S to buy a 1987 442? I'll include a couple of pictures of my Cutlass.
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    If I didn't own a ton of G-bodies already I would say yes.
    I've driven a few older cars and I am honestly not a big fan.
    Nothing handles like a well put together G-body Cutlass, that is why I don't even own a newer car.
    I love the way they drive and the interior is very comfy and well designed for the driver.
    T-tops and lightning rods are a must...
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      Thanks I am also considering a '84 Hurst/Olds. I had a 1987 Cutlass that got wrecked in 1997 and I've wanted another Olds since then.


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        I would trade it as well.... of course like you said you are in a forum where we not only own g.bodies....we get online to talk about them.

        Here I found you an 87' 442 where the guy wants to trade for mostly older vehicles...

        Or sell it outright & buy what you the way, great choices (87 442 or 84 Hurst)

        Here is an 87 442, $5 grand or best offer. I really shouldn't look on Craigslist. I cannot call the banker again until 2015!


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          Cool thanks. I am also looking at '83 Hurst Olds as well. It would be nice if they were just a little closer to me as all that distance makes a deal harder, especially if you are trading car for car.


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            Definitely....I drove over 12 hours each way to buy my rust free 442 project.

            Rust free, 8.5", & OZ tranny were about the only things it still had going for it...everything else has been or will be replaced!

            I have never traded a car but I would imagine that it's much easier to sell & then buy....what are the odds someone with a 87' 442 or a 83/84 Hurst is looking to trade for your specific vehicle? The 3 models you listed only had a combined production of approx 10,700 total vehicles 30ish years ago!

            I think we would be damn lucky if 70% were still around, probably closer to 50% plus tons of hurst clones....