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    I may have an opportunity too good to pass up.
    Myself and two friends were talking cars.One has a '68 Cutlass conv, and a '69 442.The other has a '69 Vista Cruiser with a 455 and a '71 442 W30 4spd conv (original car, non original block, sadly).
    Anyhow, they rag on me because my '83 Cutlass is Chevy powered, and I fight back saying it's the way GM built it, so it's not my fault.
    I said if you want to give me an Olds motor and BOP 350 trans, I'd maybe swap it.
    Well, friend #3 as it turns out has just acquired 2 Olds Cutlass', a '71 conv and a '72 conv.
    The '71 apparently runs but the body, trans, etc. is crap.
    He's willing to donate the '71 350 Olds motor, the other 2 will donate a TH350, and the labour for the swap.
    It all depends on whether the motor is good or not.
    It would be a fall/winter time swap.
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    Go for it, you will need different motor mounts though.
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      You have awesome friends bro goodluck with the swap. And on behalf of all of us Olds powered guys/gals thank you for righting a GM wrong hehe and welcome to the world of Rocket power hehehe
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        Yeah, I love the Olds V8's espcially the older, HO motors. I put a 1969 350 with the high compression heads in my '82 Cutlass. Its backed by a 700-R4 transmission. I solved the bolt pattern difference with an adapter plate from TCS just for that. Love that 1st gear with the 350.