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Crossmember for a 4 Speed Car

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  • 88hurstolds
    I know the T5 is the same lenght as a TH350, bellhousing to mount
    More info:

    The only factory Cutlass speedometer higher than an 85mph is a 120mph from an 87 442 but they usually command a good price due to their rarity.

    You could find a 140kph and have it recalibrated or send yours in to be customized. Ive seen people do 160 and 155mph customizations.

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  • 79 4speed
    started a topic Crossmember for a 4 Speed Car

    Crossmember for a 4 Speed Car

    I have a 1979 Cutlass with original V8 4 speed combo. I would like to run real dual exhaust on this car. I see Jegs carries "double" Hump trans crossmembers for automatic transmissions. Does anybody know which one would fit a 4 Speed Saginaw transmission? Jegs does not know. I read on another forum that the Turbo 350 crossmember is the same configuration and not the turbo 400 or 4 speed auto crossmembers. If anybody knows please let me know!

    Has anybody changed their original 7.5 inch rear end to a higher ratio like 3.42 or 3.73 and add posi? I am not building a race car and the 8.5 inch rearends demand too much money for what you get.

    Lastly, does anybody know where to get a speedometer that goes higher than 85 MPH for the round gage cluster? (Sport)