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1978 cutlass t-tops 4 speed

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  • 1978 cutlass t-tops 4 speed

    hi i have a 78 cutlass supreme with factory t-tops and a 4 speed white buckets hurst shifter. was originally 305 chevy has 350 now. any ideas what this may be worth in decent shape? its also blue i think its a stock color or slightly off a shade has been repainted. and is there a way to find how many were made? Thanks alot for any help

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    Sounds like a cool car! As far as production #s, you will probably be hard pressed to figure out how many had t.tops or other specific options...without researching it, I'm guessing the only # you will find would be total cutlass production or the total cutlass supreme production for 1978...


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      As far As value goes... 'it's worth whatever you can sell it for'... Joking, check out this link, this doesn't represent what they are selling for, but rather what people across the country are asking for them... You can modify the search to get more specific...


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        Thanks fader


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          I think around 400-900 were made with the 305 4 speed, they were more common than the 260 5 speed. I have some figures for 79 listed, Ill need to do more reasearch....
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            ya it seems really hard to get numbers for 4 speed and t tops stock. i know about one more thats left but cant find any solid numbers. i dont plan on selling it just was wondering. its worth more to me then the average joe.