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1979 Camel Tan best match?

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  • 1979 Camel Tan best match?

    have a 1979 Cutlass Calais(same as HO) with a Camel Tan Lochland Velour Trim 62E.

    The Camel tan I had someone supply did not match.

    What brand and paint # have people found to be the best match??

    Who did you buy from?

    Any help appreciated.

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    Some like to use SEM #1655 Camel Tan
    Paint codes are in the interior section, you can have your own mixed up or bring in a panel and have the back side color matched.
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      They don’t remanufacture the original Camel Tan Vinyl but there is stuff that is quite close that most people standing 5 feet away would never notice the difference.

      Back in 2001 I bought from my local Buick / Olds dealer, the very last of the last of the last original 1979 Oldsmobile Camel Tan Vinyl that was still in the GM Dealership Parts Network database. It was enough vinyl material to either cover both bucket seats or either the bench seat upper back rest portion or the bench seat lower seat portion. On the back side of the Camel Tan Vinyl, it is stamped “GM ‘79”.

      When I bought this “last of the last” original ‘79 Camel Tan Vinyl material, it was removed from the GM Dealership Parts Network database. After that, the database showed that the part number is no longer available.

      At that time, 2000 - 2003, my local Buick / Olds dealer here on the north side of Houston, there parts dept. manager who had owned a ‘79 H/O in the past and currently owned at that time, an ‘84 H/O, was very helpful and went the extra step to take the time to help me search his parts network database any time I was looking to see of a ‘79 Cutlass NOS item was available.

      Here is a list of the items that he was able to find for me through his GM Dealership Parts Network database. All of these items were the “last of the last of the last” items still available through the dealership parts network database. After I bought these items, that part number was removed from the database and showed that it was no longer available.

      - The radio / AC control trim bezel.
      - The ash tray lid and bucket assembly.
      - The deluxe combo dome and dual lens reading lamp bezel and lens assembly.
      - The radiator overflow revisor that fits the early production ‘79 Cutlasses and early production ‘79 H/O that came from the factory with the ‘78 large radiator core support bars before Oldsmobile started using the ‘79 skinny rod type radiator core support rods.
      - A set of left and right tail light lenses.
      - A full size black trunk carpet mat (cut to fit).
      - A set of W-30 vinyl decals.
      - A set of left and right Camel Tan sun-visors
      - Enough Camel Tan head liner fabric to cover about 1 1/2 head liners.
      - 1 reverse light lens.

      After I bought all of those NOS items, those part numbers were removed from the GM Dealership Parts Network database and showed that that part number was no longer available.