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    Had a intense phone call yesterday with Brian the owner at gbody parts. Awesome news. He said dashes and center consoles will be available in about 3 months. He informed also that repro door skins will be on the list for sale as well. Also that within 3 years he told me that you will be able to rebuild from the ground up and all parts from 1983-1988 hursts and 442 ,oldsmobiles ect. This is finally gonna happen. All parts have to go through gm of course and get signed off with a percentage of course. This phone call I had was straight from him with theses future plans. He says hes in the works with all the dealers for these parts to be available. So let the restorations begin !!!!. Sorry guys on the topic post it should of said gbody parts not goody parts lol

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    Awesome news, but old news unfortunately.
    I'm glad someone is actually making parts, maybe people will quit parting out 442's and Hursts.
    Not trying to be negative but the proof is going to be in the quality for some or most buyers... I've learned that car guys can be very picky.

    The seat covers they have only look like the 83-84 years but the color is a bit off, the material is wrong and the seat buns are very hard.

    I sat in a seat that was redone with the parts and it was very stiff compared to my NOS bucket seats, was like two opposite ends of the spectrum.

    And what about the 78-82 and 85-88 patterns?
    Same goes with the headliner material, it's just $20/yard stuff you can buy anywhere online and the color is off.
    What about CORRECT color molded plastic and not just dyed stuff?
    I've heard the A and B pillar fitment is horrible on the reproduced stuff now and a set of T-top plastic trim will run you close to $500.

    The real test is going to be how crisp the lines are on the metal stampings, how close the dash pads look to original GM dash pads (I have an NOS one I'll compare it to), the vacuum metalized chrome correctly stamped on the dash emblem, gauge surround, console bucket, reverse lights and turn signals of which has not been done on their reproduced dash trim inlays.
    What about the mylar trim on door panels and rear inserts?
    Also, the red inlay rockets and faux brushed tail light emblems.

    Are they going to be reproducing computers, ECM harnesses, correct #'s stamped EGR's, AC lines for 81-83, correct back spacing SSIII's, Gauges, half wrap steering wheels, etc...?

    Obviously nothing beats NOS... but they're hard parts to find and to me worth every penny.

    I also think the term restoration is thrown around loosely, the word refurbished is more appropriate.
    To me a restoration is back to factory original... and many just throw out thier numbers matching driveline and you don't see VIN9 cars around that much any more. They were not as plentyful as GN's and SS's.

    I believe what this is going to do is drive the cost of factory original cars up and refurbished cars down even more from where the price is already at for these Gbodies since they'll be more redially available.
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      We didn't get into every item but from what I got from it looks promising. And yes you are right about color. He did mention it would be 99.9 percent but like you said nothing beats nos. as far plastics , dashes well old and new will have to be cleaned and painted to color. He said as long as prep is good the paint will last. Door skins will be assembled and painted by him and will be a pass or fail before they will be available. He has plans to distribute a couple of samples to local places for approval and feed back. Sounds good for getting a reproductive part that is very hard to find. All the other stuff you were mentioning i have to be honest I'm not sure but valid questions. His name is Brian and will take the time to answer any question


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        well that is all good and fantastic for those of us doing restorations to these wonderful testaments of Olds history, but I need the contact information for this feller. Oh, and a set of complete motor mounts to put a chevy 350 into an '80 olds cutlass, (didn't have the 403 I wanted).


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          I would put a swirl port 307 in it before putting a 350 ch3vy in.

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