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Cars Stolen at 2009 H/O Nats in Indy

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  • Cars Stolen at 2009 H/O Nats in Indy

    What should of been a great weekend of cars friends and fun became pretty sad. Around 4am 4 guys stolen 4 H/O's out of the Hotels prking lots.
    2 -1984 Hurst Olds
    1-1983 Hurst Olds
    1-79 Hurst Olds
    ALL t top cars
    and 1 84 broken into put left cause of a collar on column.

    Hotel video shows 4 black MFers getting out of a white pickup truck and in minutes driving off with 4 cars.
    Makes you sick knowing the cars are surely parts now due to the scare nature of G Body parts...hopefully they will catch these guys , but it chances aresilm to none. These cars are in demand for parts , take precautions to protect your ride. NEVER let your gaurd down

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    ........ man thats sad!
    Can You Say Vroom?!


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      this is a crime of the worst nature, to a man, unless you have kids, but its second worse.
      what links would one recomend to keep someone from stealing another of our beloved Oldsmobiles. and what is this colmn colar you speak of?