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  • New Member from Mass. Hi All!

    Hello Everyone,

    My name is Steven W, I live in and was born and raised in Worcester Mass. I am 44 years old and a happily married dad of two teen-aged (13 & 15) boys. Also I am unfortunately a disabled/retired ex-truck driver. I loved my job (4th generation, dad is retired, bro currently drives also) and miss it, and working terribly.

    As a side effect to my disability I am also suffering from depression and anxiety, mainly in the form of panic attacks. This plus a lack of space has made it difficult to get back into my favorite hobby: building model cars and trucks. I used to build models all the time from ages 10-25, since then however I have not built any.

    I am currently trying to get back into modeling, hence one of the biggest reasons for my joining this forum, besides my life long obsession with cars and trucks. I have always been a G-Body fan, I love the combination of luxury and performance that they were capable of not to mention the wonderful design(s) and shapes. I would LOVE to have an 1987 Old's Cutlass Supreme Brougham, White over Lt. Gray, with all of the 442 performance goodies and the buckets/console/gauges.

    As I said however, I joined this forum to share the love, but also to try and get some help with a project that I am hoping will kill two birds with one proverbial stone LOL! I am going to attempt taking the newly released 1983 Hurst/Olds kit, and convert it into a 1985 Cutlass Supreme Brougham, Blue over Blue, just like my mother's beloved car of old. This will be a HUGE undertaking for me as I am attempting to do things I have never done before, like adding the vinyl roof, converting a console/bucket interior into a 60/40 bench with the puffy cushioned interior.

    I already procured most of what I need, I have bought a resin nose and hood for it, and also a photo etch detail set. I still need to purchase some more items and I am going to buy an airbrush kit later this week and try airbrushing for the first time.

    So yeah, big project! Then I am lacking two other things: space (which I am working on) and motivation which is tied to my depression/anxiety. I am hoping that being a member here can allow me access to two things; your support and your knowledge. There is a lot I cannot remember about Mom's Cutlass and am having trouble finding. My motivation wavers day to day.

    In return I can give: friendship, willingness to help, and a large library/knowledge of cars and trucks. I am also a Led Zeppelin fanatic, whether that qualifies or disqualifies me is up to you all!! LOL

    Hopefully no one is too bothered by my choice of font/color nor the length of this message. And yes I tend to talk at length in real life as well!! LOL.

    Take care and thank you for taking the time to read this,
    Steven W.

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    Welcome to the site Steve!
    THe 1985 442/FE3X 2n1 kit will be out next year by Revell.
    You will be able to build either the 442 or just a regular Cutlass with buckets or the famed FE3X GM prototype car.
    I've been asked to get a photo of my '85 442 to give to Revell for the box art, just waiting for the weather to clear up so I can get it out of storage and take some photos...
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