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    Hello all,

    A little bit about myself... I am 38 year old Navy veteran who is currently stationed in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. I am originally from Reedley, California. I owned my first G body in 1998. It was a light green metallic 1978 Cutlass Supreme Brougham with the 260 2bbl and green interior. Chrome side mirrors and a full vinyl roof. My friend bought her in Fresno, California. He drove it for about a year and a half until the motor seized when the head gaskets failed. I was immediately in love with the car when I first saw it and a few months after the head gaskets failed he had no interest or money in fixing her. He sold it to me for whatever I had in my pockets which was $14.00, For the next 2 years I meticulously cleaned every inch of the car as I saved money and fixed her up better than she had probably been in a long time. I put in a used pontiac 350 4bbl and she ran great. I drove her everyday for about 9 years when the engine started to go. At the time I was working in a Enameling Factory that kept laying us off and my house burned down from random arson. So I joined the military. I left the cutlass with a friend and made an agreement with them that I would come back for her soon. I went through boot camp. A school and then my first ship. We immediately went on deployment in the middle east for one year and by the time I came home from deployment my friend and my cutlass was nowhere to be found. Took me forever to track him down and he no longer had my cutlass. Despite trying to get an answer from him over and over what happened to my cutlass he has never given me an answer and my cutlass has been lost for the last 10 years. The car still haunts me to this day. I always have dreams of it and I would do anything to have it back. I have been thinking of buying another, which I will but none will take the place of my first cutlass. I always was given compliments of her and the uniqueness of being a full vinyl roof model. I have only seen 2 others with the full vinyl roof on Google. I often wonder how many 78s were with this particular roof. My cutlass had chrome around the rear window just like the hardtop with no vinyl. I have noticed that the 78s with the landau half vinyl roofs had no chrome around the rear window. Do any of you have any insight on the cutlass models with the full vinyl roofs? Thank you all for reading and I hope to start a build thread soon with the next 78 I acquire. Thanks.

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    Welcome and cool story!
    Vinyl roof cars have no rear window trim, aftermarket vinyl roofs kept the trim usually.
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