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  • Howdy!

    Howdy, y'all!

    Well, I learned to 'drive' in a '69 F-85 with a Straight 6 and a 3-On the Tree. It was my first 'car'... Prior to that it was Dirt Bikes.

    At one point I owned a '72 Toronado (stolen and destroyed).

    I have inherited my Parents' 1985 Toronado and have since acquired it's clone... So, I have a matching pair... White w/Claret Leather Interior, White Landau Top, 4-Wheel Disc Brakes. Stock 307 Engines. Both are undergoing 'upgrading'... HD Variable Rate Rear Coil Springs, Torsion Bar Bushings, Stabilizer End Links & Bushings, Pitman Arms, Idler Arms, F&R Shocks, Brakes, A-Arm Bushings F&R, Ball Joints, All Fluids & Filters, All Belts & Hoses... I have restored the Air Suspension System to full functionality on BOTH of them. Excellent Ride Quality!

    I'm a bit of a gear-head... Thinking of dropping a 1978 403 out of a Toronado into the Parents' Toronado... 30% increase in Torque & Horsepower... Should be fun to get it through Emissions! I have already acquired the 'donor' '78 Toronado and will be parting it out when I am through.

    I will be posting on and off. I will soon post pics of the 'twins'.

    Eventually, I will acquire a '69 Toronado...

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    Welcome die hard Olds guy!
    Any pictures of your cars?
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