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    My name is Ed Maldonado, I have been an Olds and GM fan most of my life. Grew up with and own the family's 78 Cutlass Supreme.
    I have never really gotten into the forum-networking side of the internet but figured I would give it a try since I just now am finding sites like this that deal explicitly with the late 70-80's olds.
    As for the car, its had a long life. It started with the original die hard 260 for over 300k miles. Five years ago, I rebuilt the rear end, and replaced the 260 with a 71' 350 and wow, what a difference! I drive this thing everyday to work. It's more smiles per mile than miles per gallon for me.
    Hopefully I can post pics overtime and share my thoughts and needs of my car.
    78 Cutlass Supreme
    Drive it everyday!

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    Welcome to the site Ed!
    Glad to see you daily drive a Cutlass, not many people do that now a days, I myself drive an 84 Cutlass everyday and love it. Haven't come to terms in buying anything new yet
    Can't wait to see some pictures.
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      Ed, like you i'm new to the forum side of the love of Olds/gbody/GM. I am looking forward
      to dropping a 76' 350 Rocket into my 80 Cutlass and snatching my old faithful 260 out. That motor served me well taking me from Tallahassee to Miami and back every holiday, missing mom and family trips for 11 years. Now I want to give her a new vigor, scat.


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        You will not regret it. It makes for a fun project. I pulled out the front clip, restored and painted the engine compartment and detailed the engine. It looks and runs great. The 350 should run strong and live a long time. You should be able to spin the tires with ease now out of drive without the brakes! No more low gear and brakes to help the 260 chirp the tires.:icon14:
        78 Cutlass Supreme
        Drive it everyday!