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  • New guy from Chicago area

    Hey all. Name's Mike, been a A/G-Body enthusiast since I got my first car, a 1979 Olds Cutlass Supreme. Followed that with a 1978 Olds Cutlass Supreme. Had a few other makes/models after that, and late last year I picked up another Cutlass to work on as a hobby, a 1988 Olds Cutlass Supreme Classic Brougham. Its light blue with a dark blue vinyl top, blue interior with pillowtop seats. Pretty darn clean and relatively rust free. The doors have some rust on the bottoms, and the rocker panels, and also the rear quarters behind the chrome trim. Frame is solid with just surface rust. Interior is almost mint. I removed the headliner because it was sagging, common problem. This is gonna be my long term restoration/mod car. I want to do a 442 clone...I LOVE the 85/86/87 442's. It had the 14" steelies with the grandma wire wheel covers originally. My mods so far are a set of SSII wheels, with raised white letter tires, a simple one-in-two out dual exhaust for the time being since the original one was hanging on with a hope and a dream, and a HID kit for the headlights. I sent out the carb to get completely rebuilt as well. New pulloffs, new electric parts, everything. I also did new interior speakers, CD/MP3/iPod player, and a 12" sub in the trunk. I'm acquiring parts slowly. I have a mint set of taillights I got for $40 bucks, and some other random pieces.

    My plan is to drop a mild 350 Rocket in, along with a fresh transmission, and do the rear end with some better gearing. After that I'll work on the cosmetics. The paint on the hood, roof, and trunk is in bad shape. The clear is gone and the trunk has moderate surface rust. The sides are decent and I've gone over them with clay/machine polish/wax and they have some shine to them now.

    Hope you guys like it. Its not a daily driver, but I've been cruising it around a bit this summer just to enjoy it. I get an offer to sell it at least once a day. You just don't see too many rust free G-Bodies anymore.

    Well enough blabbering, here's some pics of my new toy:

    Here is was right before I bought it:

    As it sits now:

    Fresh quadrajet!
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    Well welcome to the site. Seems like you have a nice project going. The car looks VERY clean. I liked the wire wheel look, but the after pictures gave the car a whole new feel.
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      Very nice Cutlass, clean!
      Carb looks nice, who rebuilt it?
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        Place called Custom Rebuilt Carbs. Ran me $265 shipped from my door and back again. All new electronic parts, pulloffs, choke, etc.


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          Welcome. Love the light blue with darker blue top. My first car was a '77 Cutlass Salon the same color. :icon14:


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            Wow, nice clean looking car!


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              Very sharp looking ride. Love the blue on blue.