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  • Hey all

    Found another site! Very cool, like the layout, familiar and like the color scheme. See a few recognizable names from the other forums, good to see you all.
    Happy to find another forum to check in on with my morning coffee. :icon14:

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    welcome!! this a great site.. enjoy


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      Welcome, have any Gbodies?
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        Thx, yes I've had a few, all Cutlass of various years. Currently doing a frame off of an 86 t-top and 86 Salon. Will keep the best of both for the T, which is going onto a much better condition 81 frame, and then move the salon on with whats left, maybe save for my daughter turning 16 next year, will see.


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          Lucky daughter... Hopefully she respects & enjoys it! Is the cutty a supreme Or a salon as well? I was gonna do something similar, buy a 2nd cutlass from my friend & use all the best parts on my 442 & still have a decent setup on the 84 Calais... My daughter is only 20 months old & I opted to devote all my time, money, & motivation towards the 442.... I think when my truck is paid off, I just may start looking at Hursts & turbo buicks!


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            The T is originally a Supreme, but has already been mostly converted. It formally held a 410hp chevy and th350. I had to sell it a few years back and I've just recently been able to buy back the body so I can have T's again.
            I figure the Salon would be too big and too much on gas for the kid, figuring on an s-10 project for her as well. Only 2 seats so she can't have a bunch of distracting friends in there with her. I'll make it what she wants within reason, while still satisfying my own performance indulgances, lol.

            I like your car, always preferred the white ones. Never been a Buick guy, then again never had a chance to own one, I generally love all the G's, just enjoy the line on the Cutlass the most


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              Hell Yeah...can't wait for a father/daughter car project of my own...unfortunatley the white car on my profile picture is Not mine, I plan on painting my 442 white But I'm just getting started on the restoration....Just ordered new carpet & I have the complete interior ready to install