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Newbie with 1979 Cutlass driver.

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  • Newbie with 1979 Cutlass driver.

    Just stoppin' in to say hi.
    I saved this 1979 Cutlass Supreme from the crusher.
    Bought from a guy at work (original owners son) for $380, it had been sitting for around 15 yrs, if youve ever bought a car thats been sitting outdoors that long not driven, you know what I went through to get it road worthy.
    85k on the odometer with 350 chevy engine.
    The only bad rust is on the lower drivers side quarter panel, easy patch and starting on the lower inside door seam, other areas are mostly surface rust.
    Needs a few things, but its a great driver and just floats down the road!

    This is when I first picked it up last fall.

    And now in its current state.
    Most of the work done so far has been mechanical, so outward appearance hasnt changed much. $40 craigslist wheels and tires.

    My other car is 1973 Chevelle Laguna that is in a somewhat of a restoration mode.
    Gonna be a Nascar/Pro touring theme.
    Its has a 489ci, brodix race rite ovals, 850 holly, eddy air gap, eagle forged internals, lunati solid roller 245/253 @ .050 .660 lift. Im thinking it might produce close to 600 hp and just as much torque, should be quite the grunt motor.
    9" ford rear end with 3.90 gears, detroit locker and Moser 35 spline axles. This definitely wont be the weak link in my drive line. lol.
    Tranny is yet to be determined, most likely it will be a t-56 tremec.

    My truck is a 2007 chevy 2500hd with a duramax diesel.
    Only mods to that truck are 3" downpipe with 4" mbrp stainless exhaust with plans to eventually get efi live programming for little extra go.
    Took it to the local 1/8th mile track a while back and it ran a best of 9.74 @ 71mph, about a 15.2 in the 1/4 mile, not bad for a 7,500 lb truck.

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    1979 Cutlass Supreme daily driver
    1973 Chevelle Laguna
    2007 Silverado 2500HD Duramax

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    Very cool Laguna, I've always liked those and the CanAM's.

    I have a truck similar to yours but it's a 2006 2500HDWT 2WD single cab with a 364ci gas motor, those trucks handle very well, especially on the highway.

    There's a 79 just like your's for sale in Wisconsin that has a 260 5speed setup for $900, same color...
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      5 speeds cool and rare indeed.

      There's a guy over at team chevelle that has this 76 or 77, cant remember, but he put a 455 5speed in it, looks factory, very cool car.

      1979 Cutlass Supreme daily driver
      1973 Chevelle Laguna
      2007 Silverado 2500HD Duramax


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        WOW! Nice cars. Very cool that you saved the 79. I am a big fan of 78-80 cars. Best of luck


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          Great pics! I know what you went through getting the 79 running. I'm going through that now with my '87 442...working my way through rusted bolts, etc It sat for over 10 years outside. Still have work left to do. That Cutlass is a '76 Cutlass can tell from the sloped grill, and the air conditioner vents. '73-'76 had the round, "bullet" or "turret" type vents, however you want to call them, and the '77 had rectangular vents. I've had a '76, and own a '77. Great cars! Good luck with the restoration!
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          '87 442 (May 2010) undergoing restoration


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            Thanks for the info, Oldsie!
            Since you like pics I'll post one more.
            This car is definitely his work horse (yes it does tow).

            1979 Cutlass Supreme daily driver
            1973 Chevelle Laguna
            2007 Silverado 2500HD Duramax


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              I just saved a 78...not too much rust...the worst part is that the rear bumper is starting to rot out...Also one small dent on the front driver side...Stock V6 looking to convert to a 350sbc or a 400sbc...But the car was a steal for $625...I drove 4hrs to get it from Richmond IN...and drove it back to Chicago car was sitting in garage for 15 years with original miles 135k...1 owner on title...