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    My name is Mike and I have visited this site as a guest now and then.

    First car I learned to drive was a 1965 Olds 88 at age 13 in 1987.

    Found a 1980 Cutlass couple of years ago in a small yard that was crushing its inventory. I would drive by about once a week and always looked at the car.

    After a few months of saving I was able to get the car for $800. Kind of steep for "saving" the car from being crushed.

    Front end was smashed and covered in bird poop. Tires were flat. Oil pouring from the valve covers as the 260 was running.

    Got the car home and pulled the valve covers to replace the dried out gaskets - only to discover the worst sludge I have ever seen on a block.

    Months of labor and the cutlass just passed inspection a few days ago.

    Taking the car off the road for the winter to save cash on insurance and protect it from rust.

    It was a 2 owner car, so I am the third.

    Being married with child, my funds are virtually non existant. I plan to just drive the car when I can. A low buck junkyard special - my slow cutlass.
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    Few more pictures.
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      Awesome to see that you saved it and brought it back to life. These are fun cars to drive even in stock condition.
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